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Legal remarks

    * All the declarations (in particular prices and calculations on line) are without guarantee. We cannot guarantee that all these data are current constantly.
    * Marksa does not assume the damage per third, data imported (virus, towards, trapped gifts) and for the bonds of or worms of other Web pages. We do not have control on the contents and the shape of Web pages non-Marksa.
    * We reserve ourselves the right to change or bring up to date without notice information on this site. This is valid for the improvements and/or the changes of the products and programs described on this site.
    * To in no case Marksa does not answer of you or third for damage direct, indirect, specific or different, caused by the access to this page or its bonds. Our responsibility for the losses of benefit, the interruptions of exploitation, losses of programs or other data in your information systems is excluded. This is valid even if our attention were expressly drawn to the possibility of such damage.
    * The cookies are elements of data which a Web page can send to its net browser for better helping you in the systems being based on the data bases. You however have the possibility of installing your net browser in such way that it informs you as soon as you receive a cookie. Consequently you can decide if you want to accept it or not.

Personal data protection

    * By visiting our site you do not leave personal data. In isolated cases it is necessary however your name for us and addresses. If such personal information is necessary, we will draw your attention to this fact.
    * When you leave your co-ordinates on our site, so that we can for example correspond with you or accept an order, we reserve yourselves the right to use these data with fine marketing.

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