After-sales service

A world at your service

The sound reputation of Marksa has grown over several decades thanks to the quality of our after-sales service.

Whatever the activity suggested, Refrigeration, Air-conditioning, Ventilation, Compressed Air or Vacuum Technology, we offer the identical services.

Speed / Efficiency / Competitiveness

We are able to check, overhaul, maintain and obviously repair both Marksa installations and our competitors’ equipment.

Our after-sales service vehicles are equipped with all the everyday materials and tools necessary for fast repair with no need for a second visit.

Our technicians are extremely skilled in their respective areas of activity.  They regularly follow courses so that they are always completely technically up-to-date.

The human qualities and professional approach of our staff make for a constructive dialogue and relationship with our customers.

This relationship is the basis of the confidence necessary for a durable association.