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Policy of confidentiality

Please read our Policy of confidentiality, which is part of the present legal conditions. You are authorized to browse the internet website Marksa without giving up any "personal data". By "personal data" are meant any information which belongs to you and which could enable ease identification such as name, postal address and Email address. Marksa neither automatically records personal data of persons visiting its website, nor relates to personal data of individuals informations that could be automatically recorded by other means. We keep only personal data which were given free willingly. Our Policy of confidentiality explains how Marksa's affiliated companies use informations you gave when you suscribed to our mailing list or submitted any inquiry on online products. You hereby recognize and accept that we use and eventually keep informations about yourself and about your orders according to our Policy of confidentiality.

We respect the right of confidentiality of our customers and have therefor adopted following directing rules concerning the management of their informations. We will use informations which you submitted only in order to fullfill your products orders, to inform you about special promotional offers and to send you informations which you need, such as news relating to products and applications.


1. Everyone is free to use or reproduce any information present on the website, provided from conditions of use which may accompany this information, and only if Marksa is expressively mentionned as source.

2. Marksa does everything to ensure reliability, accessibility, integrity and up-to-dateness of the information, but does not bring any guarantee on that subject. Marksa declines any responsability for mistakes or omissions noticed on this website, as well as for loss whatsoever related to the use of this website. The International office may at any time modify the content of this website without notice.

3. The links pointing towards other websites are supplied only to facilitate the use of the users and engage Marksa's neither responsability nor approval of the informations presented on these websites. Marksa does not guarantee in any way, neither explicitely nor implicitly, the rightness, disponibility, reliability or the content of these informations, texts, graphs and hyperlinks. Marksa has not experimented any of the programs present on other websites and does not engage itself in any way concerning their quality, harmlessness, reliability or relevance.

4. Although Marksa is doing its best to ensure that uploadable programs from this website remain free from viruses, we cannot guarantee their total harmlessness. Marksa declines all responsability for any loss or harm caused by the software and its related codes, in particular for viruses and worms.

5. Collection and recording of personal datas by Marksa in this website are ruled by the Policy of confidentiality of the Organisation.